Decorations for a Tumblr Bedroom


Tumblr bedroom – Having a room that inspires you is not difficult at all! With decorations for a tumblr bedroom, in addition to making her feel more welcoming, will give her that tumblr touch that possibly also goes with you. For decorations for a tumblr bedroom, take out of the closet those lights that you only use at Christmas and glue them with wall staples all around the contour of one of your walls. They will give you the light that your room needs.

Mirrors you find in super common places like IKEA and they look super chic if you put them in a corner bedroom. And then for decorations for a tumblr bedroom, two small shelves where you can put mini pots or chic things like fashion books, photos with your friends, etc. In your computer download an extension or app to put a watch the size of the monitor.

It is not necessary a very expensive vase. With a bottle of water glass or any other you can make a very pretty vase. A bed base made with pallets looks very boho and cozy for decorations for a tumblr bedroom. In addition to that you can have a space to put a drink or decoration on one side of the mattress. Obvious one of the main things is to have some sheets and bedspread of good taste and comfortable. If you do not have them, everything will be out of tune (for more decorations you make to your room).


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