How to Dress Lounge Chairs for Bedroom


Lounge chairs for bedroom sometimes referred to as “fading chairs,” are interestingly shaped bedroom and living room furniture. They generally have a length similar to a loveseat, but more resemble the shape of an overstuffed chair and footstool. If you have a chaise longue that has seen better days, you can revitalize an old piece of furniture as a chaise longue of reupholstering material to better coordinate with your favorite style décor


Delete your previous pieces of paper, section for section. Lounge chairs for bedroom use a screwdriver to pull clamps away from the wooden frame. These pieces should be removed as carefully as possible so that they can be used as templates for your new material. Replace frame, wadding or clothing foam as needed. Before applying new material, make sure the chair is filled and well-formed. Use spray gun to expel foam on the frame of the chair as needed. Apply a second layer of spray glue to the top of the foam to keep your cotton wool in place before stapling your wad to the frame.

Drape a piece of thin fabric over the area that you want to recover. This step is only necessary if you could not keep your previous pieces of cloth. Trace the shape of the area you want to cover again. Fold your thin vertically to check for symmetry. Add an inch on all allowances before cutting your template from the replacement fabric. Place muslin or original fabric templates over your lounge chairs for bedroom. Trace around the templates directly on the furniture fabric or pinch with straight legs. Cut along your pattern to create your fabric pieces. Position the fabric over the area you want to cover again.


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