Ideal Queen Size Bedroom Sets


Queen size bedroom sets – A queen bed is wide enough to give two sleepers at least 30 inches of space to call their own so the beds are perfect for couples or for single sleepers who love to spread out. Since they are larger than double or full beds, they are common in rooms such as the bedrooms or larger rooms. If you plan to decorate your space with a queen bed and associated bedroom furniture, there are some considerations of room size to think about.

The actual size of a queen bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches tall. The height of the bed is determined by the quality of the mattress. If the bed is a pressure-reducing mattress, it will be much thicker than a regular mattress. Standard queen size bedroom sets furniture can have a bedside table and footboard. The bed and frame of the bed takes up extra space around the mattress itself. This width should be taken into account when measuring the space.

The extent of your room is an important factor in decorating your space. If your room is on the smaller side for example, nine feet square a queen size bedroom sets can fit physically, but inhibits walking or causing the room to look crowded. On the other hand, a larger room can feel sharp if the bed is too small for the space in which case a king mattress may be preferable.


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